1pc used COPYRIGHT AURORA TECHNOLOGIES INC C505-508 C501-505 8 channel card DHL
1pc Used TRILITHIC LFP-50 10dB DC-2.5GHz BNC RF Coaxial fixed attenuator
1pc narda 4798 7.0-18GHz 20db SMA Handle step attenuator


1pc Weinschel 1 5W 30dB DC-12.4GHz N-type RF coaxial congreener
1pc WILTRON D-21600 2-20GHz Coupler bridge
Row Width
1Pcs E001091 S N D14L047759 Touch Screen Glass Container


Welcome to North Dakota where possibility is as endless as the horizon. Ranked #1 for quality of life and #1 for fiscal stability, our accolades are growing as fast as our industries.

Whether you crave the rugged outdoors or thrive in urban settings, you’ll find vibrant, diverse communities and the shortest average commute time in the country, leaving you with even more time to do something meaningful and unexpected.

We invite you to look around and see what North Dakota has to offer.  Imagine yourself living and working here.  Know that in North Dakota, you can make a great life and a big difference.

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1Pcs AMT 2512 91-02512-00B Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs Elo SCN-AT-FLT12.1-Z02-0H1 Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs TP-3546S1 Touch Screen Glass
Row Width
1Pcs ELO E000437 SCN-A5-FZT19.0-​Z01-0H1-R Touch Screen Glass Container
1Pcs Omron NT625C-ST152B Touch Screen Glass
1Pcs ELO E160695 TF288 Touch Screen Glass


Wide open spaces leave lots of room for innovation and growth across our major industries

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Side Sleeper Torso Support Cushion